Diagram showing positioning of the dentin core in the block.


The dentin core is used from both sides, so the same core can be used for very narrow front teeth in the lower jaw as well as for wide front teeth in the upper jaw.

Image of the thickness of the incisal enamel


The user can individually adjust the patient‘s enamel substance without losing  the desired color in the incisal area.


Image of the colour selection in the software


The dentist can enter the tooth color and thickness of the incisal enamel in the software. After this data is entered, the algorithm automatically positions the crown in the block in the position suitable for the color indicated.




The blocks consist of an inner core of highly chromatic dentin covered by a translucent layer of enamel. The dentin cores are modeled after the shape of dentin in natural teeth. The outer shape of the tooth is determined by the biogeneric data in the software. An algorithm integrated in the software aids for the right positioning of the restoration in the block, so that the exact tooth color selected by the user is achieved and an aesthetically pleasing is possible.

Sirona Bloc PC



The CEREC Blocs PC consist of three layers, each with a different color saturation (chroma). This permits the optimum adaptation of the restoration in terms of translucency and intensity.


The benefits in brief:
  • Natural enamel-dentine-cervix layering

  • The blocks can be virtually aligned in the milling preview of the software

  • Interesting alternative to ceramic-faced crowns

  • Suitable for multilayer design (CEREC Blocs 40 PC)

inCoris TZi

Highly translucent sintered zirconium oxide ceramic for non-veneered restorations


inCoris TZI allows inLab users to fabricate anatomically sized crowns and bridges with up to nine units. Thanks to its high degree of translucency, inCoris TZI does not require any additional veneering, and thus offers cost-effective and more aesthetic alternative to non-veneered and partially veneered metal restorations

Cercon HT

inCoris Tzi C

inCoris TZi C

Pre-shaded translucent zirconium oxide


The user can save time by using the pre-shaded ceramic blocks, as the restorations no longer need to be dipped in coloring liquid and dried.


Your advantages at a glance:

  • Fully anatomical crowns and bridges

  • Accurate colors using pre-shaded blocks (10 classic colors: A1, A2, A3, A3.5, A4, B2, C2, C3, D3)

  • Ideal for critical situations where there is limited space between the restauration and the antagonist

  • No chipping

inCoris Zi

inCoris Zi

Sintered zirconium oxide ceramic for bridge frameworks


The partially sintered inCoris ZI blocks are designed for the fabrication of crown copings as well as anterior/posterior bridge frameworks with up to two pontics. The frameworks are initially milled to an excess size. After they have been sintered, they acquire the desired characteristics (precise dimensions, density, strength, shade).


The benefits in brief:
  • High-performance ceramic material for finely designed long-span frameworks

  • High translucency fulfils stringent aesthetic requirements

  • inCoris ZI can be polished and milled

  • Outstanding fracture strength and longevity

  • Excellent biocompatibility