e.max CAD Abutment Solutions

Quality and esthetics redefined


IPS e.max CAD Abutment Solutions are designed for the fabrication of implant-supported hybrid structures for single teeth using CAD/CAM technology. The hybrid components are individually milled from lithium disilicate blocks (LS2) and bonded to a titanium base. Two new blocks have been added to the IPS e.max CAD product range, that is, IPS e.max CAD A 14 and A 16. These blocks feature a special interface, e.g. for the Sirona Ti base. The blocks are available in several shades and two levels of translucency, MO for hybrid abutments and LT for hybrid abutment crowns.



•   Hybrid abutments

•   Hybrid abutment crowns

For anterior and posterior teeth in both cases


IPS e.max CAD Abutment Solutions – The highlights

•   Precision fit due to CAD/CAM fabrication

•   Excellent and long-lasting esthetics due to tooth-coloured hybrid abutments

•   Hybrid abutment crown (2-in-1) for function, efficiency and easy access to the screw at any time

•   Very good compatibility with the oral soft tissue

•   Strong bond nbetween lithium disilicate (LS2) and Ti base due to Multilink Hybrid Ab